Let Anjel Blue provide live sound services for your next event. Perfect for bands, speeches, fundraisers, DJ’s and outdoor parties, Anjel Blue will provide all equipment and personnel necessary to help make your live performance sound its best.

We tailor the rental to meet your needs, with a choice of:
• Front of house speakers
• Stage monitors
• Sub-woofers
• Mixing boards
• Microphones
• Drums
• Guitar and bass amplifiers
• All necessary cables, cords and stands

Below is a list of just some of the gear we can provide:

• Pearl referance 6 piece drum kit with cage and Zilidjian A custom cymbals
• Marshall 4x12 cabinets, one with vintage 30's and other 1960 with gt12
• 2x12 Orange cab and Genz Benz 2x12
• Hartke 500w bass head with Ampeg 4x10 and 15" below
• 500x500 watt Yamaha PA head, two Yamaha 12" floor monitors
• EV ZX3 mains
• Sennhausier 835 mics and or sm 57&58 mics
• 2 22" wall mount screens with video drops
• Vox VT100 and marshall heads
• Korg Triton 88 key keyboard
• Yamaha 300x300 PA head
• Yamaha BR12 mains
• EV mics
• Marshall 4x12
• Orange 2x12
• VR30 heads
• DW drum kit with cymbals and cage
• 15" Ashdown bass rig - 300x300 Yamaha PA head
• Floor monitors
• Hartke 60watt Bass rig
• VT30 guitar rig
If you're looking for something in particular, chances are we have it. Have questions? Drop us a line.